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Pet Insurance for Your Beloved Cat or Dog
You wouldn't hesitate to carry insurance for your children or spouse, but what about the furry creatures who hold an precious spot in your family’s heart? If you could, would you buy insurance for your pets? Pet insurance is an actual product that can help you control the cost of treating your pets when they are sick or injured and ensures that a beloved animal never needs to go without medical attention for financial reasons. 

Like people insurance, pet insurance is a protection plan that allows you to pay a monthly or annual premium in exchange for predetermined benefits that are paid out as a result of insurable events such as accident or illness. And while some plans focus on major medical protection or injury coverage, there are others that can provide coverage for preventative care like shots and annual exams. 

Pet insurance policies can have deductibles, which is the amount of money that you must pay out of pocket before insurance benefits kick in, and limits that create a maximum for payable benefits. There could also be copayments, depending on your policy. 

Facing pet medical bills can be overwhelming and in a rough economy, pet care is often last on the list of priorities. But with pet insurance, you can help ensure that your beloved pet has the care it needs at a price you can afford. Read more about pet insurance here.

Please see the below table to compare coverage offered by our carriers. If you have any questions regarding pet insurance or would like to explore another carrier other than the ones offered below, please contact our office at 888-512-8878.

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Reimburses based on actual vet bill,
NOT on benefits schedule
No financial limits
per year, illness, or pet
Allows customer to choose
deductible amount
Optional wellness coverage  X  X
Covers genetic conditions    
Maximum age of pet to be eligible 14 years old No Maximum
Waiting Period Before Coverage Begins 15 days 24 hrs accidents,
14 days illnesses
Pet Insurance Review Rating 9.8 9.3

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