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Plenty of commercial landlords never intended to get into the business; it just fell into their lap. They just happened to own a piece of real estate that made for a perfect office building. Or they found that their store was making them more money as a rental property than it was as a frame shop. READ MORE >>

Filing an insurance claim on your home or auto is easy enough. You simply check your policy to make sure that you're covered, take photos of the damages, turn that in with any receipts and other documents requested, and wait for your insurer to make their decision. Professional liability insurance claims are a little more nuanced. READ MORE >>

If you own any kind of business, general liability is nearly a necessity. To cover your business against possible financial losses, let’s look at what this type of insurance covers and who may need it. What Is General Liability Insurance? READ MORE >>

Is general liability insurance and professional liability insurance the same thing? This is a common question because many business owners do not recognize the reasoning behind purchasing both forms. Both are liability insurance coverage, but there are slight differences that make a big difference. READ MORE >>

AB 5 is a law passed by the California state legislature and signed into effect by California governor Gavin Newsom. AB5 restricts who can be considered an independent contractor, which is why it is important to understand what AB5 is and how it affects business owners and independent contractors. READ MORE >>

Dental Records and Litigation While most dentists provide exceptional care to their patients, there will be times when a patient is unhappy with the outcome and will pursue legal action. Dentists with inadequate dental records can be particularly vulnerable to a malpractice case, as the attorney overseeing the case will have a difficult time resolving the case with inadequate records. READ MORE >>

While it is common for attorneys to be attentive and readily available for their clients, sometimes the client can be difficult to reach, hard to communicate with, or has seemingly disappeared. It is important to take precautions to avoid a “missing client” situation. READ MORE >>

A new approach has been established in regard to audit planning. The risk assessment standards require auditors to: Locate, evaluate, and record the risks of material misstatement with the client’s financial statements Understand the client’s finances, the client themselves and the financial statements environment READ MORE >>

General liability insurance can help cover damage to the property you rent, depending on the situation and the claims occurring. This falls under a specific component of your policy. Be sure your agent knows that you are renting your location. Then, consider a few details about the amount and type of protection you may need. READ MORE >>

When you visit your lawyer or accountant, you probably want to know that they have done the job correctly. If you are in a professional service job yourself, you probably realize that your clients expect the same from you. All the same, if mistakes do occur, you might want your errors & omissions (E&O) insurance to help you settle the losses with the client. READ MORE >>

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