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Almost every attorney has experienced a client with unreasonable expectations or one who has terminated the representation for no apparent reason. However, in the digital age when clients are only a few clicks away from anonymously venting their anger and airing grievances in real-time on bios and social media sites, attorneys must be alert about monitoring their reputation. READ MORE >>

Cyber hacking, phishing, spear phishing, ransom, smishing, vishing, you name it, it all continues to keep rolling out and evolving to stay one step ahead. We are talking big money, trillions with a "T" are being lost annually to hackers. Accountants are big targets, no matter how big or small your firm might be. READ MORE >>

Avoiding Litigation Through Effective Communication One of the best ways for CPA firms to mitigate the risk of a professional liability claim made against them is through effective communication with clients. Indeed, a 1997 University of Chicago study suggested that how a physician communicates ... READ MORE >>

Many doctors must deal with patients who are unwilling to follow a recommended course of treatment: they repeatedly miss appointments, refuse to provide their medical history, or are chronically late on payments. When any of these occur, terminating your relationship with a patient you don’t want to do business with can be tough. READ MORE >>

One of the more critical risk management techniques your law firm can use is establishing a thorough, well-written engagement letter to help prevent any potential misunderstandings and avoid any dispute between client and attorney. READ MORE >>

As an architect, you have one of the most interesting and creative jobs in the world. You also have a lot of responsibility to get it right. Most architects have various fail-safes in place. Mistakes are not likely to happen. However, they can occur. When they do, they put you at risk of facing claims from your clients. READ MORE >>

The increase in social media use, on top of the challenges every law firm has in attempting to retain the best lawyers with all different types of backgrounds, force firms to address issues on sexual harassment. With this increase in risk, a very important tool is to examine, and review policies and practices designed to protect victims of sexual harassment. READ MORE >>

The most common sleep related breathing disorders include snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, as well as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea proves to be the one that is associated with many other diseases such as metabolic, respiratory, dental, and cardiovascular. READ MORE >>

Effective communication with clients is critical and can help CPA firms mitigate the risk of a professional liability claim made against them. Indeed, a 1997 University of Chicago study suggested that how a physician communicates with patients influences whether the patient sues the doctor for malpractice after a bad outcome. READ MORE >>

You never want to have to make a claim on your errors & omissions (E&O) insurance. However, you have the policy for a reason. You hope that nothing happens, but the coverage can step in to help you if a client ever sues you. A variety of your professional mistakes might lead to these lawsuits or claims. READ MORE >>

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