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The evolving nature of legal practice requires continuous adaptation by attorneys and those who work to support them in their daily practice. Over the years, attorneys have adapted from using books for researching case law to online databases. Attorneys also must remain conversant with changes in statutes, regulations and case law. READ MORE >>

During the past eighteen years I’ve specialized in lawyers professional liability insurance, I’ve seen carriers come and go out of the California market.  Policy forms have broadened in some cases and critical exposures have been recently excluded by other carriers. READ MORE >>

As many of the thousands of attorneys we insure gracefully age and no doubt occasionally think of the book they want to write or at least read, retirement does pose some issues and questions. This CNA article may prove helpful. Best, Dan Introduction READ MORE >>

This short article by members of a great California defense firm provides an up-to-date reading on the California Court's view of “SLAPP” suits. Thanks Kelsey and Sharon!  - Dan McKenna, JD, RPLU READ MORE >>

If you have Medicare, you likely know that you often still have co-pays to meet. Yet, if you’re on a fixed income or have frequent medical bills, then even making your payments can be hard. You might need coverage to help you pay less after Medicare has paid its maximum. READ MORE >>

Yesterday, in a 246-177 vote, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 6094, the “Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools, and Nonprofits Act,” by Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Michigan). The Big “I”-supported legislation seeks to delay implementation of the Department of Labor (DOL) overtime rule for six months until June 1, 2017. READ MORE >>

Flexible spending arrangements can help you spend less on health care, but only if you use yours correctly — by spending all the money in it before a year-end deadline. FSAs are tax-advantaged accounts that can be used for medical expenses only; they’re  sometimes also referred to as flexible spending accounts. READ MORE >>

Often times questions come up about the differences between Umbrella and Excess Liability policies.  Too often we are using the words interchangeably and there are notable differences between the two.  There are a few things to note right away. READ MORE >>

Protect the things that matter to you Look around your house. What are the items that aremost precious to you? Your homeowners insurancegenerally covers the contents of your home. However, there are specified limits on certain items such as jewelry, paintings, antiques, collections, musical instruments and silverware. READ MORE >>

I received a phone call from my cousin the other day regarding his seven-year-old dog, Cotton.  Cotton had been suffering from a bout of diarrhea, and my cousin was getting a little worried.  Cotton wasn’t eating or drinking very well, seemed lethargic and his eyes were a little sunken. READ MORE >>

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