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Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency Blog: earthquake

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If you live in a quake zone, where the risk is high, preparedness is key to protecting your family and your home. Californians should know this. Some of the state’s most populated areas lie in a very active quake zone, and the entire state faces a relatively high risk for quakes. READ MORE >>

Who is at risk of experiencing an earthquake? What many people don’t know is that most of the country can experience earthquakes from time to time. If you own property, you may want to be sure your home insurance policy also includes earthquake insurance. But for some people, the risks of an earthquake are much higher. READ MORE >>

If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, you shouldn't forgo earthquake insurance. It could mean the difference between being financially protected and struggling for years to come after a significant loss. But, many people wonder if they need earthquake insurance, how to save money and even how to buy an earthquake insurance plan. READ MORE >>

Scientists are virtually certain that California will be rocked by a strong earthquake in the next 30 years. Now they say the risk of a mega-quake is more likely than previously thought. The chance of a magnitude-8 quake striking the state in the next three decades jumped to 7 percent from 4. READ MORE >>

Homeowners insurance doesn't typically cover damage or loss due to an earthquake, so homeowners that live in an area likely to have earthquakes may consider purchasing separate earthquake insurance. These policies are typically high deductible and therefore are useful if your entire home is destroyed but won't cover less significant damage to the home. READ MORE >>

In wake of the massive earthquake that hit northern California recently, it is very crucial for businesses to consider how prepared they are for natural disasters. The worst thing to do is constantly put off certain recovery strategies, when in reality you can begin to prepare for any type of disaster, whether it is an earthquake or a ruptured toilet, immediately. READ MORE >>

Since the state of emergency has been declared in several California counties due to the effects of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake in Napa Valley, Anthem members are receiving extra help to get the care that they need.  The counties that were impacted the most by the aftershocks of the massive earthquake are Napa, Solana, and Sonoma. READ MORE >>

Many Californians are aware of the dangers of earthquakes but don't take action to protect themselves in case of an emergency. California holds two thirds of the nation's earthquake risk and yet 88% of its residents don't have earthquake insurance. READ MORE >>

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