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Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency Blog: life insurance

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Did you know your need for life insurance changes as your life changes? Life insurance is part of a responsible financial plan. And while you should feel secure knowing it will be there to meet your financial responsibilities and protect your family, you should consider periodically re-examining your insurance needs - especially at certain life stages. READ MORE >>

When it comes to life, health and disability insurance, a “preferred” risk is always attractive to an insurance underwriter or actuary.  Insurance company executives favor lower-risk business from relatively young, healthy clients with clean backgrounds, as they employ table rati... READ MORE >>

Life insurance may offer more than a payment at the time of death. For many people, it can provide funds throughout their lifetime. Imagine having an account tucked away. You only need to borrow from it in case of an emergency. Yet, throughout the time you own it, it is building value. READ MORE >>

When you apply for life insurance, the insurer has to determine if it should provide coverage to you.  Individuals with pre-existing conditions may not be able to buy a life insurance plan. There is no guarantee of this. The insurer will go through a process to determine if an individual should have access to a READ MORE >>

Although it’s terrible to think about, the truth is that the unimaginable — losing a child — can happen. A parent may never fully recover from it emotionally. A child’s death also raises financial issues. Is that a reason to purchase life insurance on someone so young? READ MORE >>

If you’ve established a will or trust, you’re probably familiar with the term “beneficiary designation.” A beneficiary is any person or entity to whom you designate control of your finances and possessions in the event that you pass away. READ MORE >>

When selecting a life insurance policy, one of the things to consider is the possibility of using the policy to pay for your funeral expenses. The cost of funerals can vary widely and be hard to predict; there is no specific dollar amount that applies to everyone's needs. READ MORE >>

If you're young and brimming with health, chances are you have never thought about buying life insurance. While thoughts about dying are certainly unpleasant, buying life insurance at a young age reduces the overall cost of coverage while also offering a slow and steady approach to investing. READ MORE >>

Marriage, having a child, retirement are just some of the life events that can have a profound effect on insurance needs, so an annual New Year’s coverage review is always a good idea, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). READ MORE >>

Understanding common misconceptions about life insurance is an important step in determining the type and amounts of insurance you need to protect your family or others you care about from financial hardship. Even if You're Single, Life Insurance Can Be Important READ MORE >>

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