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Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency Blog: professional liability

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Filing an insurance claim on your home or auto is easy enough. You simply check your policy to make sure that you're covered, take photos of the damages, turn that in with any receipts and other documents requested, and wait for your insurer to make their decision. Professional liability insurance claims are a little more nuanced. READ MORE >>

Is general liability insurance and professional liability insurance the same thing? This is a common question because many business owners do not recognize the reasoning behind purchasing both forms. Both are liability insurance coverage, but there are slight differences that make a big difference. READ MORE >>

Many doctors must deal with patients who are unwilling to follow a recommended course of treatment: they repeatedly miss appointments, refuse to provide their medical history, or are chronically late on payments. When any of these occur, terminating your relationship with a patient you don’t want to do business with can be tough. READ MORE >>

You strive to provide your clients with expert services and advice. After all, you want to satisfy them and meet their needs. However, there is always a chance that your hard work might not pay off. A customer might claim that you caused them harm. They might even sue you. READ MORE >>

When you work as a certified public accountant, you’ll handle a lot of money. For example, you might calculate taxes for multiple customers. They expect you to do your work professionally and provide a safe environment to visit. If you make a mistake that harms a customer, what can you do to help them? READ MORE >>

As a professional, you know how important your advice is. You provide people with important information and help. No matter the type, your clients rely on this information. When something goes wrong, the claims can be very high. Having professional liability insurance is critical. READ MORE >>

Accountants handle extremely sensitive financial information. If they make a mistake, they might cause considerable harm to both their clients and others. They might thus have a responsibility to compensate those affected for their losses. If you find yourself in this situation, consider if your business insurance can help you. READ MORE >>

There are a lot of benefits to working as a freelancer, but there are also many risks. One of those risks is a lawsuit or contract dispute. What would you do if you found yourself at the center of one of these legal issues with no insurance protection? And what scenarios are the most common? READ MORE >>

The nursing profession is a high-risk job. You face intense pressure throughout your shift. A single mistake can have costly consequences.  Will professional liability insurance help you avoid these financial risks? A number of myths exist regarding this type of insurance. Do nurses need it? READ MORE >>

Every business wants to provide expert services and wonderful products to their clients. After all, the satisfied client is one who will likely help the business grow in the future. The company that puts its clients first most is probably more likely to be the most successful.  READ MORE >>

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