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Every small business needs insurance. That coverage should be both comprehensive and affordable. Therefore, one of the best ways that small and medium-sized operations can protect themselves is by investing in a Business Owners Package policy, or BOP.

BOPS are great ways to make sure you have cohesion in protecting some of your most vital assets. They contain many of the most vital elements of commercial insurance, all in one package. Coverage included in most BOPs is general liability, commercial property and business interruption coverage.

General Liability Insurance

Customers, vendors and other people interact with your business every day. Clients might visit your offices or shop in your store. Employees may deliver services to other properties. To anyone with whom your business interacts, you have the potential to cause harm.

If you have to take responsibility for a third party’s losses, liability insurance might help you pay medical bills, legal costs and other settlements. These policies often come in a couple of different forms.

  • Bodily injury coverage can protect parties who get hurt in your business. For example, if someone slips and falls in your restroom, this coverage might pay their medical bills, or supplement their lost income.
  • Property damage coverage helps you pay for damage someone else’s belongings. Let’s say you run a cleaning business. One day, you accidentally set fire to a client’s living room rug. This coverage might help you repay that client.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Opening and providing upkeep for a location costs money. You probably do not have unlimited funds for property maintenance. Should damaging incidents occur, that could set you back.

By including property insurance on your BOP, you can get monetary protection for the contents and structure of your business. Your property coverage can insure losses from weather, fires, vandalism and more. Our agents will take a close look at the type of property your business owns. This will help us guarantee you have appropriate protection when we set up your coverage.

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Business Interruption Coverage

Sometimes you can’t operate while you rebuild the business following a hazard. That’s not a good thing, as it means you cannot turn a profit. Failing to keep your business solvent during such downtimes means the potential for total failure.

Business interruption insurance can provide the funds to meet everyday costs despite temporary closures. It might provide funding for

  • Employee and vendor wages
  • Standard operating costs like utilities, rent and more
  • Costs of relocation to a temporary venue

More or less, because you cannot make the money you normally would to meet these costs, interruption coverage can help pay for them instead.

We Will Help You Determine the Correct Coverage

Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance Agency understands that every small business can benefit from BOPs. We’ll therefore make sure the coverage you receive includes protection that targets your specific needs.

But, we won’t just stop there. Most businesses need more than just a standard BOP. Separate policies you might need include professional liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and more. We’ll balance your BOP with additional policies that might prove crucial to your commercial success.

So, don’t wait. Call us today at 888.512.8878 or request a free online quote right now.

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