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Long Term Care Insurance

With the average cost of Long Term Care services in the Bay Area alone totaling nearly $77,000 a year, how long will your savings and pension hold out? Keeping in mind that Medicare and Medicaid will only address your immediate health care needs, how will you address your Long Term Care needs?

While the possibility of living in a nursing or retirement home is not ideal for many Californians, or professionals in general, if you haven’t planned for your independence, how can you expect to preserve it?

At Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance our Long Term Care solutions are designed to help you hold onto your independence and offset the soaring costs of in-home, long term care.

While the cost of Long Term Care will vary on the design of your policy, the one constant is the sooner you get it implemented, the less you will have to pay!

Contact Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance today to get more information about Long Term Care solutions!

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