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Dental Hygiene Insurance

Dental Hygienist / Dental Assistance Professional Liability Insurance

At Mitchell & Mitchell we recommend purchasing dental hygienist and dental assistant professional liability insurance for the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected against alleged patient complaints and lawsuits. Maintaining consistent professional liability insurance is vital in the day-to-day performance of your dental hygienist duties. With more attorneys specializing in dental malpractice, more dental hygienists are becoming co-defendants in liability cases.

As a dental hygienist and dental assistant, understanding the proper insurance coverage you need is very important. By having your own professional liability insurance, you protect your personal savings and assets from potential claims. At Mitchell & Mitchell we are proud to offer the Hygienist Protector Plan that allows us to protect you with:
  • Source: NewburySmiles.comLimits of Liability start at $100,000 per claim with a $300,000 aggregate and go up to $2,000,000 per claim with a $4,000,000 aggregate under a claims made policy form
  • Coverage available for both employed or self employed
  • CDHA Member will receive a 10% discount
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    Why Dental Hygienist / Dental Assistant Professional Liability Insurance Should Be A Priority

    While working as a dental hygienist or dental assistant we know you do your job to the best of your ability; however, on those rare occasions when you get busy, are rushing around, or when you just happen to forget, your professional liability insurance will be there to cover you. Below are some of the possible instances that would call for professional liability insurance:

    • Injury to a patient
      • Our policies cover local anesthetic injections
    • Neglecting to inform a patient of treatment options and repercussions if not treated
    • Not telling patients about periodontal disease
    • Ignoring signs of oral cancer
    • Forgetting to update the patient’s chart including but not limited to updating health history forms and any type of pre-medicating procedures

    To Learn More About Dental Hygienist Insurance Call Us At (415) 883-2525 or (888) 512-8878.

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