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I am impressed with the kind and patient nature of the customer service. I am getting assistance from Phoebe Tolosa regarding the details of our policy and the yearly audit. She has been able to answer my questions and give me excellent guidance.

I have been working with Mitchell & Mitchell for several years. When my former agent retired, I started working with Andrew Mendle. We recently purchased a home, he provided the guidance and looked at several options to meet our insurance needs. His follow through was the best! He notified me when the title company was behind in the process. He is someone that I will continue to work with!

Great service! I worked with Andrew and he provided all the necessary information for me to sign up for auto insurance through Travelers. So far so good!

I have been dealing with Mitchell and Mitchell for many years now and have nothing but positive experiences with them. I rarely write reviews since I expect to to have good, competent service in all my busines dealings. But the folks at Mitchell go way beyond this, particularly Andrew Mendle who has always taken the time to answer questions, provide excellent advice, and assist with sometimes complicated issues. I wholeheartedly recommend Mitchell and Mitchell.

I contacted Mitchell & Mitchell to obtain general liability insurance when I started my new firm. They have exceeded my expectations with regards being efficient in getting the insurance policy bound and then providing me with certificates I need for the landlord. I needed an additional certificate by Monday, which happened to be Presidents' Day but even though the office was closed, Natasha sent me the necessary certificate I needed. The customer service at Mitchell & Mitchell, and especially with Natasha L has been outstanding. Thank you.

I am a new customer to Mitchell & Mitchell. I have received exemplary customer service from Andrew Mendle. He has been wonderful to deal with each and every time. He listens attentively, sells me the appropriate coverage, and gets back to me each time in a very timely manner. His follow up has been fantastic! I cannot say enough good things about Andrew. Thank you very much!

As a long time customer of Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance, I have always received 5 star service. I've worked with founder Ed Mitchell, Gary Mitchell and most of the staff. This time Jami went out of her way to look for a good deal for me. Probably more important, even when I've asked for a good deal, they were there to insure I was insuring with a quality insurer when it came to claims service. 5 star all the way!

I have been a client of Mitchell and Mitchell for 15 years now. Melisa and Monica provide great customer service. They immediately respond to any questions or needs for any insurance issues. I pretty much have all my personal and professional insurance policies with Mitchell and Mitchell. When ever I feel like policies are getting too pricey they are so diligent in finding a more reasonably priced policy that has equally good coverage. (some Insurance companies are sneaky and will increase the premiums over time and so it's smart to shop around and having a agent help you do that saves a lot of time.)

My employer has been an existing customer for several years with M&M. As the office manager I have reached out to them once or twice until recently. The past encounters have been great. Recently Phoebe worked with me on a time sensitive matter. I must say that I am please to have her as our account manager. She not only shines thru the phone and by email with exceptional customer service.

Wow! Melisa Radin was such a pleasure and such a big help thanks Melisa!!

I contacted Mitchell & Mitchell to obtain general liability insurance when I started my new firm. They have exceeded my expectations with regards being efficient in getting the insurance policy bound and then providing me with certificates I need for the landlord. I needed an additional certificate by Monday, which happened to be Presidents' Day but even though the office was closed, Natasha sent me the necessary certificate I needed. The customer service at Mitchell & Mitchell, and especially with Natasha L has been outstanding. Thank you.

Very fast & efficient ... saved me money when I switched from my other insurance carrier.

I have been a client of Mitchell and Mitchell for 20 years or so. I just reviewed a physician and I was asking myself who I could also review since I have the site open. I thought of Gary and the whole team. For me, Mitchell and Mitchell has been thorough without being pushy. Gary has been there for me with a lot of advice concerning many aspects of my business, not just insurance. So, I searched for them on Yelp and was shocked to see any reviews less than 5 star. I am thinking that these reviewers had not yet had the time to fully realize the complete Mitchell and Mitchell experience. For me, 5 stars all the way.

i want to amend the review i wrote on 6/09. m&m has been very assiduous in advocating for me with blue cross. there was a big mess with blue cross re receiving my payments and were about to discontinue me. there was nothing i could do. m&m has gone to a lot of trouble to fix it. it is as if they function as your lawyer, and believe me, with this new insurance program you may really need that. what i do recommend when buying medical ins. with drug coverage is to double check the list of drugs that are covered or the limitation that are put on some drugs. don't assume if you buy drug coverage that yours is covered. m&m advocacy is truly outstanding. they will really fight for you. this service puts them above any other agent i have had. they also say that they are absolutely independent from the insurance companies and are not paid to sign you up. i believe them.

I feel very comfortable insuring my business with Mitchell & Mitchell. I have been with the company for two years and my experience is only positive. I highly recommend Mitchell & Mitchell to other businesses and especially to my fellow CPA colleagues. Thank you for a great service!

I was about to give up until Melisa. She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Fast efficient and I thought customer service was a thing of the past. I was wrong Melisa kept it honest and she found me what I needed Thank you Melisa (aka) Ms. getting it done??????

Did great job.

Mitchell and Mitchell exemplifies customer service. I have always been happy with all of my experiences.
Jonathan Weisman, Fremont, CA
I stay with Mitchell & Mitchell because I love my insurance agent Ms. Melisa Radin. She makes my life easier. She had given me her cell phone and one Sunday night I had to use it when a drunk driver hit our parked car. She had everything arranged for us and a loaner car with pick up service by Monday morning for my husband. Normally, I have a habit of storing records in my filing cabinet and not being able to find them six months later. I send an email to Ms. Radin asking for a copy to forward to whoever is asking for proof of insurance and within a half an hour she has an e-copy in my mail box and duplicates on the way via snail mail. Ms Radin does a review of my insurance yearly and sends me a one page recommendation of what to change or not. She also has a way of sending friendly emails asking about life changes so she can recommend the right changes for my family (normally when I've written for another copy of something). She is never pushy but always making my life easier, day or night.

clear, concise, prompt and thorough professional service and available to answer any questions.

I have been with Mitchell and Mitchell for many years, and they are the best! They know everything I need to know about insurance, and have always gotten me the good deals, with great service. Everyone that I have dealt with there has always been very nice and helpful as well.

Melisa from Mitchell and Mitchell has far exceeded my expectations. Every change that needs to be made to my insurance or any update that needs to be taken care of is always handled immediately (typically within 5 minutes of emailing her) and she remains professional in every way. I've never experienced such amazing customer service from any company before and will continue to use Mitchell and Mitchell for all of my insurance needs because of their expertise and personal attention to me and my service needs. Thank you so much Melisa!

I've been a customer since 1992, nothing but good things to say! Thanks!

Melissa and Mitchell and Mitchell answered all my questions quickly and accurately, without the typical hassle we've grown to expect from customer service.

I am very glad my doctors have Mitchell & Mitchell for their insurance company. Every time I have to call I have the pleasure of speaking with Allison Jones, she is very knowledgeable of our needs and understands what it means to be helpful. Thank you for having a great team player
I try to get the best bargains available and I find Melisa is one of the few agents who knows the business very well and listens very carefully. She is prompt and thorough in returning my inquiries.

Anthony Oertel not only advised me of the "online" MCLE option, needed to obtain a premium discount, but he also processed my "online" Certificates of Attendance" within 24 hours of sending them as a PDF, for which I received a premium credit. I have renewed through this broker for 13 consecutive years, since becoming a sole practitioner.

Melisa Radin is the best! She always responds quickly with very thorough answers and she is a huge help! I would definitely recommend to everyone I know!

excellent service

Fantastic. Melisa has helped me get renters insurance quickly and diligently upon my initial transition to living in an apartment as well as during my move to a new space.

Thanks to Melissa Radin, as a bookkeeper I have been able to give my clients the best and lowest insurance quotes. She always gets back to me right away and am never disappointed with her service

Phoebe and Allison have helped me with all our Insurance needs for two Dental offices for several years. I really appreciate them both having positive and upbeat attitudes and also responding to my requested almost immediately every time!

We just recently obtained general liability insurance when I started my practice and Natasha L. has helped us obtain the insurance. She has always given us the best customer service and responded to our requests for additional insured certificates, even when the office was closed on Presidents' Day. She is very attentive to her clients and as a result, I will continue doing business with Mitchell & Mitchell.

As a bookkeeper I have worked with several insurance agents but the one I would recommend and love to work with is Melissa Radin. She knows her job very well and is always able to find the best prices. I will continue to use her for any further insurance needs.

Brian, I am glad I have such an amazing insurance agent who can respond so quickly and knows what he is doing.

I was lucky enough to be assigned to Melisa Radin who has been my agent now for years. After 2 homes, and lots of changes in the industry, Melisa has always given me the best service I could ask for. Timely responses, knowledgeable about the rpoducts and super friendly and easy to deal with!

I did research on the web and found Mitchell& Mitchell as an agency that could assist me in securing personal liability insurance. Gustavo R. was extremely professional and very efficient in getting me what I needed. He is obviously very experienced and understood all the technical terms of the specs my insurance coverage had to meet. He communicated regularly with me and was thorough in his explanations. I would definitely do business with this agency again when future insurance needs arise. They truly do serve customers - which is hard to come by these days. I had no prior history with this company and I was impressed by the treatment I received. Not only was I treated respectfully, but it was obvious from my very first phone call, Gustavo was an experienced professional who has dealt with the type of insurance I needed and would help me get exactly what I needed.

Thanks again,'s always been a pleasure to deal with you and your agency.

It's hasn't been two weeks since a DUI hit and ran our car, but I walked a settlement check into our bank yesterday. When I handed the check to the bank teller he asked if I had Safeco and I smiled yes. He responded with "They're great", his eyes sparkling said everything I already knew. Two Sundays ago I was putting my son to bed when we heard tires sliding on the pavement and cars slamming into each other. We went outside in time to see two cars driving away and our car pushed up against the sidewalk. I got my cell phone where I have my insurance agent Melisa Radin's cell phone number stored and dialed her. She told me what to do and which information I'd need to get from the police when they arrived. Before we got off the phone she asked me if there was anything she could do for us that night, if anyone was hurt. It was then that I realized it was Sunday night and I might be waking her granddaughter. The next morning at 9 am she was already working on things for us. The car was towed and my husband was delivered a rental car before he had to pick our son up from daycare. It's kind of a blur but Safeco got everything arranged and done in just over a week. We are still driving a rental car paid for by them while we go shopping for a new car this weekend.

Melissa Radin is a great asset for Mitchell & Mitchell. I would rate her a 10 plus in dedication. They are lucky to have her.

Melisa was very helpful and efficient!

She has been absolutly fantastic. Extremely professional and knowledgable. She got my policies taken care of rabidly and was on top of it from the begining to the end.

Melissa Radin has helped me several times with ins issues. She is prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. I am glad she is with Mitchell and Mitchell

Mitchell & Mitchell has been fantastic to work with. They have been our insurance brokers for several years now and they always deliver a personalized experience to the customer. Specifically, Melissa Radin, is an absolute pleasure! She is truly wonderful to work with - always available, always accommodating and attentive to our needs. We could not be happier with the service we have received over the years and we would highly recommend Mitchell & Mitchell and Melissa to our friends and colleagues.

Having had an uninsured dog battle cancer in the past, getting pet insurance for Daphne and Percival was high on my ‘to-do’ list. I was thrilled to learn my business insurance brokerage Mitchell & Mitchell could also handle pet insurance for me.  Natasha made the process simple and efficient, handling all the comparison and information gathering for me. I feel like I made an informed decision and can rest easy knowing I did the right thing for my four-legged family members.

Best insurance company in North America! 

We have been working with Mitchell and Mitchell since 1987. They have extremely personal service, and they are always super nice and helpful. They are really great to work with! I think they're probably the best company we've ever worked with!

Best service I've received for awhile... I have used Mitchell and Mitchell since 1989. Their services have been flawless and impeccable, and they set a standard most industries should follow, which they don't. They cover me for all types of insurance, from home, health, fire, liability, jet ski, motor, and all other types of insurance.

Nancy Major ROCKS!!  She has been so thorough will all of this.

Paul Morris is absolutely outstanding and I'm with the company because of his professionalism and courtesy and know how. The company is lucky to have him. I would rate my experience with your company at 10+

I have used Steven Nelson Insurance Company out of Dinuba, CA (which I believe Mitchell & Mitchell is parent company to) for about 3 years now. Working with real estate transactions, I have a fairly complex and often changing insurance portfolio. They are always quick to reply with quotes & information so I can make good decisions and remain efficient. I would highly recommend anyone in the area to use Steven Nelson Insurance in Dinuba!

Brittany Corey is awesome!!!! She answers the questions I have about my policy quickly and when talking with her on the phone, she is so friendly and helpful. I just wanted the powers that be, that Brittany represents Mitchell and Mitchell well, and I hope you know how lucky you are to have her working for you! Teodor Manaois DDS

Best thing to happen to me and my practice!  I feel we'll cared for!   Great staff!

Excellent customer service.


I am happy with Mitchell&Mitchell. I have been insured by them when I was taking my dental state board and I always feel very supported . Fortunately I have never used the insurance for a malpractice case. 

My experience have all been positive... I spoke to Gustavo over the phone he was pleasant and professional. I purchased my insurance over our phone conversation..

We've been with Mitchell and Mitchell since leaving dental school in 1994.  A few times, we took our personal insurance to someone local...and then we always ended up back with Mitchell and Mitchell.  They take care of you well.  

I have found the services of Mitchell & Mitchell to be very professional and the rates quoted seemed to be very competitive from what I was able to find elsewhere.

I really appreciated your flexibility on a couple of occasions when I missed my renewal deadline. Very kind of you and good business sense, too.

I am absolutely pleased with Mitchell and Mitchell. Absolutely pleased to have a long-term relationship which has fostered trust, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Looking forward to the next 28 years working together.

I've been a client for 38 years and have been consistently pleased with your services and recommendations.

Very attentive and professional service.

Customer for 20 years.  Called twice and got quick and accurate responses.  Thanks.

My agent is always looking out for my best interest. 

I have been solely using Mitchell & Mitchell since graduating from Dental School 25 years ago and would not change this relationship. Extremely satisfied with the entire team and with all the different policies covering myself and the practice.

I like my agent because she understands I have a 3 year old who needs nap time so she always contacts me via email, just in case. She reviews everything for me and sends me her opinion, easy for me.

Wonderful people and great to work with--29 years!


I have auto and renters insurance from M&M and have been very pleased! I have changed address and policies a few times and it has been very simple because my agent makes it quick and easy. 

I really enjoy working with this company they really help me out and they give me the best prices 10.

Have been with Mitchell and Mitchell since 2007 and have always had my questions completely and quickly answered!  Martina and Allison have been a tremendous help over the years with my business.

Paul has been a great resource. Very helpful when I had problems.

I have been with M&M since 1988!

I have had absolutely the best experience with Mitchell& Mitchell. They have always been available to answer any questions I have and are always professional.

9...always great service, helpful information offered..this is why I have been with the company for over 25 years

I really enjoy the prompt responses and personal attention I receive from Mitchell and Mitchell's friendly staff.

Great insurance brokers and agents.  Very happy with range of policies and efficient service.  Competitive pricing and excellent client service.

Mitchell & Mitchell has been my insurance provider for over twenty years.  I intend to continue to use their service.  Their customer service is amazing and they provide value added services.

Mitchell and Mitchell Insurance has been a mentor, consultant and  friend. They have provided  such great service that it's helped me by example in my own business.

All of my interaction has been via phone, other than emails that I received from M&M on general topics.

I've had a very good experience with Mitchell and Mitchell, their staff is very polite and prompt and very helpful. I would give them a 10 for their services.

I've been with Mitchell and Mitchell for my entire career as an attorney for my professional liability insurance.  They have been great to work with.  I'm now seeing they offer other insurance forms which I may consider.

Service at its best!

My experience has been great.  Just renewed with Paul and had several questions the he responded quickly, in addition to providing my desired coverage with a great premium. Thank you!

M&M has always been helpful and friendly and fair.  It seems to be the best value for professional liability insurance.  It amazes me how they recognize me in a crowd and call me by name even though I only see them every couple years at seminars.

Mitchell & Mitchell have been great. Over past 5 years excellent customer service from a knowledgeable and deicated staff. TWO Thumbs UP!

Your office has always been friendly, intelligent and quick to respond.

I have been your client, exclusively, since 1971.  What more can I say?

I have been with Mitchell and Mitchell since 1986.  Gary and everyone there have been the best and have always gone above and beyond for me.  I appreciate everything Mitchell and Mitchell has done for me.  I have always been treated as a person , not a number !

You always return my calls in a timely manner, and you have always been able to answer my questions.Your customer service is excellent!

Always had a great experience with phone and e-mail communications.

Gustavo is my agent and he has been nothing but wildly helpful. He even noted when my account was overdue and called me. I had moved and had no idea I was late on a payment. He kept my policy from lapsing. 

I always received requested service right away, Gustavo is very professional, and he knows respond to urgency.

We've dealt with Paul Morris for years. I'd rate his service a 10 and beyond. It's always a pleasure to speak with him. He's knowledgeable and and responds to calls and emails swiftly.

Your whole staff up there is so friendly and helpful, and it makes me glad that I made the decision back in 1970 to have Gary's dad take care of so many of my insurance needs.You guys are the greatest.

You guys have been fantastic over the past 20 years since I first met Gary and Ed. My sincere thanks for going well beyond what I would expect from an insurance agency! My very best wishes to all of you.

I have used Paul Morris for 16 years as my agent for insurance coverages for my business, confidant, resource, advisor, and friend. Paul is highly qualified, personable, knowledgeable and ethical. I have asked him one more than one occassion for help with a situation and is he does not know he finds out and gets back to me quickly. I will will continue to use Paul and his firm and recommend him to my clients, friends, and family.

I am using Paul's company "Mitchell and Mitchell" for my CPA practice insurance and I feel very comfortable knowing that Paul is there for me and my firm. I highly recommend Mitchell and Mitchell to all of my friends, families and CPA colleagues.

I have worked with Paul for over 10 years at Mitchell & Mitchell. He has provided my firm with quality insurance at a reasonable cost. He has been very informative and has responded quickly to all requests for information from my firm. I highly recommend him as an insurance agent.

Fortunately for me, I've never really needed Paul's service since he is my liability insurance carrier, but I've always felt well taken care of with the AICPA product and happy to have chosen Mitchell & Mitchell for my insurance needs. I also turned to them when I hired my first employee for workers compensation, and am satisfied with the reasonable cost.

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